Hot Wheels Blue Card Era 1989 - 1994

Hot Wheels Blue Cards refer to a line of Hot Wheels cars that were produced by Mattel between 1989 and 1994. Some also refer to it as the "Collector Number" era. The Blue Cards were a redesign of the Hot Wheels packaging, which had previously featured yellow and red packaging for over 20 years.

The Blue Card era was characterized by a new design and packaging, which featured a blue and silver color scheme with a more modern look. The packaging also included a clear plastic blister pack that allowed collectors to view the car inside without removing it from the package.

In addition to the new packaging design, the Blue Card era also introduced several new features and innovations to the Hot Wheels line. These included the use of more detailed and realistic designs, as well as the addition of new features like working suspensions and opening doors.

Despite the popularity of the Blue Card era among collectors, it eventually came to an end in 1995 with the introduction of the Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt line, which featured even more detailed and collectible cars with unique paint schemes and designs.

Today, Hot Wheels Blue Cards remain popular among collectors and enthusiasts, with many seeking out rare and hard-to-find models from this era. While the Blue Card era may not have the same level of nostalgia as earlier eras like the Redlines or Blackwalls, it remains an important period in the history of Hot Wheels and a valuable part of any serious collector's collection.

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