2023 Replica Entertainment - Hot Wheels Premium

The Replica Entertainment series are vehicles from some of your favorite movies and TV shows. The series started as Retro Entertainment (2013), and then changed to Hot Wheels Entertainment for 2014 until 2016. In 2017 the name changed to Replica Entertainment until 2023. Several new castings debut in the series, and all feature Real Riders wheels. Replica Entertainment series merged with Pop Culture in 2024

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Year Image Name Part Series Case Color
2023 1987 Toyota Pickup Truck 1987 Toyota Pickup Truck HKC20 Back to the Future Mix A Black
2023 The Jetson The Jetson HKC26 The Jetsons Mix A Green
2023 Batmobile Batmobile GRL75 DC Comics Mix A Black
2023 Aston Martin DBS Aston Martin DBS HKC21 James Bond Mix A Silver
2023 Batmobile Batmobile HKC22 DC Comics Mix A Black
2023 Plumber Van Plumber Van HKC19 The Super Mario Bros. Movie Mix B Orange
2023 Ford Super De Luxe Ford Super De Luxe HKC25 Back to the Future Mix B Black
2023 Reptar Wagon Reptar Wagon GRL61 Rugrats Mix B Green
2023 Toyota 2000GT Roadster Toyota 2000GT Roadster HKC27 James Bond Mix B White
2023 '75 Chevy Blazer Custom '75 Chevy Blazer Custom HKC24 Jaws Mix C Tan
2023 '94 Audi Avant RS2 '94 Audi Avant RS2 HKC32 Forza Mix C White
2023 TMNT Party Wagon TMNT Party Wagon GJR50 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mix C Yellow
2023 K.I.T.T. K.I.T.T. GRL67 Knight Rider Mix C Black
2023 Rick's Ship Rick's Ship GJR47 Rick and Morty Mix C Silver
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