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what is a prepro

In the context of diecast model cars, prepro or pre-production refers to the early stages of manufacturing before a model is mass-produced for retail. It's a term commonly used by collectors and enthusiasts to describe die-cast cars that were created as prototypes or test models before the final production run.

Here's what prepro or pre-production means.

  1. Prototypes: Pre-production models are often created as prototypes to test the design, molds, and manufacturing processes. These prototypes may be hand-assembled, painted, and detailed to evaluate the model's appearance and functionality.
  2. Quality Control: Pre-production models are used for quality control and testing purposes. Manufacturers examine them to identify any issues or imperfections that need to be addressed before mass production begins.
  3. Limited Availability: Pre-production models are typically not intended for sale to the general public. Instead, they are kept by the manufacturer or used for promotional purposes, trade shows, or as reference models.
  4. Variations: Pre-production models may differ from the final production versions in various ways. They can have different paint schemes, detailing, wheels, or other features that are subject to change during the development process.
  5. Collector's Items: Because pre-production models are relatively rare and often unique or limited in number, they are highly sought after by collectors. These early-stage prototypes and test pieces hold a special place in diecast car collecting due to their rarity and historical significance.

Hot Wheels, pre-pre or pre-production diecast models represent the early stages of manufacturing and testing before a model goes into full production. They are valuable and collectible items appreciated by collectors for their uniqueness and historical importance within the world of diecast cars.


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