• Osseo, Minnesota

2020 Hot Wheels Case (mix) C Highlights

Year Image Name HW # Color Part Type Series Series # Date Code Case Special
2020 Chrysler Pacifica Chrysler Pacifica 051 Red GHB85 Mainline Baja Blazers 2 M36 C
2020 The Embosser The Embosser 054 Yellow and Orange GHC00 Mainline Experimotors 9 M37 C
2020 Grass Chomper Grass Chomper 075 Orange GHD77 Mainline HW Ride-Ons 5 M34 C Treasure Hunt
2020 67 Jeepster Commando 67 Jeepster Commando 071 Spectraflame Turquoise GHG14 Mainline Baja Blazers 1 C Super Treasure Hunt
2020 Indy 500 Oval Indy 500 Oval 025 White GHG69 Mainline Red Edition 1 M36 C Target Exclusive
2020 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR 050 Metallic Gray GHG75 Mainline Red Edition 2 M36 C Target Exclusive
2020 Gotta Go Gotta Go 005 Red GHG72 Mainline Red Edition 3 M36 C Target Exclusive
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