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'68 Corvette - Gas Monkey Garage

2023 Hot Wheels - Super Treasure Hunt
  • '68 Corvette - Gas Monkey Garage Hot Wheels
  • '68 Corvette - Gas Monkey Garage Hot Wheels
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The Hot Wheels '68 Corvette Gas Monkey Garage is 139/250 in the mainline set. and 5/5 in the HW Dream Garage series, it proudly stands as the 5/5. For collectors and enthusiasts eager to add this exclusive Super Treasure Hunt to their collection, it can be found in mix "G" of the 2023 Hot Wheels mainline cases.

Drenched in a captivating Spectraflame gold, it is adorned with striking black flames that add a bold and dynamic touch to its design. The sides of this remarkable vehicle feature an oversized Hot Wheels logo, instantly evoking a sense of nostalgia and excitement among collectors. For those in the know, the telltale "TH" marking can be found on the rear quarter panels, signifying its prestigious Super Treasure Hunt pedigree.

Noteworthy features of this model include tinted windows that bring an air of mystery, a gleaming chrome interior, a robust purple plastic base crafted in Malaysia, and the finishing touch of Real Rider wheels. This ensemble ensures a stylish look and a smooth and exceptional performance.

The 1968 Chevrolet Corvette Gas Monkey Garage version entered the Hot Wheels world in the 2017 HW Screen Time series. This die-cast tribute draws inspiration from the 1968 Corvette, a real-world vehicle that Mattel commissioned, brought to life by the skilled hands of Gas Monkey Garage, and famously documented on the TV series Fast N' Loud.

It's worth noting that Richard Rawlings, a well-known figure in the automotive world, currently oversees the Gas Monkey Garage series on YouTube, keeping the spirit of custom car creation alive and well.

YEAR: 2023
TYPE: Mainline
NAME: '68 Corvette - Gas Monkey Garage
COLOR: Spectraflame Gold
SERIES NAME: HW Dream Garage
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